What is Pellet Therapy?

Many of our clients come in and tell us how busy their lives are, how tired they seem to be all the time, and even their lessened desire for their partners. We listened, researched, and are now offering bio-identical hormone replacement therapies (BHRT) through BioTE. These treatments are administered into the fatty tissue via small pellets that are time released and cardio activated.

Why We Chose This Particular Treatment and Company

BioTE® Hormone Pellet Therapy is based on 34 years of research and relies on data and studies dating back as early as 1939. That makes this modality of therapy the longest studied form of bio-identical hormone replacement therapy.

In conjunction with FDA Certified Compounding Facilites, BioTE has created a standardized product allowing only a 3 percent variance in the yield of the compounded pellets that are used in the BioTE Method of hormone replacement therapy. All hormone pellets are tested for eight different property values by a third party independent lab, ensuring that the levels o the drug are consistent, giving medical practitioners 100% confidence in the implanted treatment.

Many of our clients feel relief of their low hormone symptoms within weeks of treatment and maintain that vitality for several months. Pellet therapy is an excellent alternative to traditional injections as they provide consistent results with less ‘highs and lows’ that are experienced with weekly injections.

This therapy is not only for men! In actuality, more women receive BHRT through BioTE than men. It’s not uncommon for our patients to start feeling better and drag their significant other into the clinic to receive their blood test and tailored hormone therapy treatment.

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