Hollywood Laser Peel

Smoother, Softer Feel of Glowing Youthful-looking skin

Glowing Skin

Hollywood Facial in New Braunfels, Texas

Hill Country Med Spa’s Hollywood Laser Peel is a gentle procedure that can be performed often, or just before a special event.  It results in glowing skin, perfect for a day or two before a special event.  It improves skin tone and texture, softens and smooths the skin, and stimulates collagen.

Hollywood Laser Peel Benefits

  • Improved Skin Tone and Texture
  • Glowing, Youthful-Looking Skin
  • Smoother, Softer Feel
  • Collagen stimulation

Procedure Time

The Hollywood Laser Peel takes about 30 minutes or less.

Recovery Time & Side Effects

There is no downtime.  You can return immediately to your regular activities.  It is perfect to do a day or two before a big event.

People with melasma should avoid the second part of this procedure.

The Treatment

Step 1


Remove all your makeup.  A light layer of Spectra carbon lotion is applied to  the skin and needs to set for 10-15 minutes. We are actually not trying to be politically incorrect!

Step 2

First Pass

The first pass of the Spectra Laser Sets the carbon onto the skin.

Step 3

Second Pass

The second pass of the laser targets the carbon that is on your skin.  You will hear snapping sounds when the laser is fired  and will feel a slight tingling or warmth a the laser removes the carbon along with a very fine layer of skin.

Safe for Most Skin Types

Our Spectra Laser is able to enhance your skin appearance  with safe and effective pulses of light.  It works by targeting the melanin (pigmentation) in the skin, breaking it up to be removed naturally by your body.  It also heats deep into the dermis causing the skin to contract and stimulate collagen


Results are immediate and you will love the look and feel of your skin after a Hollywood Laser Peel.  Our skin care products are a good way to protect your investment in yourself.  Ask our skin care experts about which product is best for you.

Because You’re Worth It

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