RF Microneedling

Wrinkle and Skin Tightening Treatment

Restore Your Skin Again

RF Microneedling in New Braunfels, Texas

Radio frequency (RF) Microneedling in Hill Country Med Spa is a process in which multiple, tiny gold-plated needles are inserted into the skin to a very precise depth. At that depth, a charge of energy is distributed among the needles to create mini injuries in the skin. That injury is then healed naturally by the body by producing collagen and elastin, which rejuvenates aging skin and creating dramatic results for deep lines and sagging skin.  We use the Lutronic Genius® machine.  We are very excited about this modality and feel it is powerful enough to be the next best thing to a surgical facelift.

Restore Lost Collagen

RF Microneedling in New Braunfels, Texas

As we age, our skin loses much of its youthful character. We lose collagen, the support network for the skin, and elastin, the springy property of the skin. The loss of collagen and elastin is what causes the skin to stretch and sag. The restoration of collagen and elastin can restore the suppleness of our skin to make us look younger.

What it Treats

Excellent for sagging skin and deep wrinkles of the face, neck and chest.   It is the next best thing to a facelift and actually can postpone the need for a facelift. This treatment can also mend sagging skin around the elbows and knees.  This is our most powerful treatment for wrinkle reduction and skin rejuvenation.  It is also excellent for excessive sweating, acne scars, surgical scar revision and stretch marks.

Procedure Time

The numbing cream is applied to the target area and it takes about 30 minutes to take full effect.  The procedure then takes 45 to 60 minutes, depending upon the area to be treated.

Recovery Time & Side Effects

This is a fairly aggressive treatment and some swelling and slight bruising is common. We recommend that you avoid social engagements for 3-7 days.  In 2-4 weeks the transformation is astonishing!  Two or three treatments each spaced about a month apart may be required to achieve the best results.  The effects last about two years.

How Does a Microneedling Procedure Work?

We use a machine named Genius to perform RF microneedling in New Braunfels, TX.  It is the refined version of our Infini machine. Forty-nine gold-plated needles are inserted into a small area of your skin to a predetermined, precise depth where a Radio Frequency charge is then distributed between the tips of the needle. This supercharged electrical energy is delivered to your tissues until the correct amount of damage is achieved based upon the impedance of the treated tissue.  Because it delivers such a precise dosage of energy, the discomfort, swelling and bruising is diminished remarkably.  The microneedle punctures also allows quicker and deeper delivery of PRP serum or other products to boost the rejuvenation process.  Our body recognize this injury and quickly starts to repair itself. Through this repair process, new elastin and collagen is formed, dramatically improving lines and sagging skin.

The Microneedling
Treatment Process

Step 1

The Consultation

A full in-depth evaluation will be done on your skin, including photos and evaluation of sun damage. Knowledge of your past medication and medical history and other, recently used skin treatments is also very important.

Step 2

The Treatment Plan

A treatment plan will be developed.  As the Genius does nothing for color, it can be combined with our laser to treat age spots and other color issues.  As a rule of the thumb, one round of Genius is used for those in their 30s, two for clients in their 40s, and three for those who are 50+.  These treatments are spaced about 4 weeks apart.  Of course, the need for multiple treatments is determined based on clients’ skin condition and goals. Results last about 2 years, and you can get a booster then.

Step 3


You will be instructed to avoid use of any skincare products that contain retinols. If you have had dermal fillers, you will need to wait at least 2 weeks after your filler injection to proceed with treatment.

Step 4

Administer Topical Anesthesia

To aid in pain management, a local anesthesia is administered for this procedure. We use topical anesthesia. In addition, we can offer our Nitrous Oxide delivery device (Pronox) to allow inhaled Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas) to keep you comfortable throughout the procedure.

Step 5

Treat the Skin

The hand piece of the Genius machine containing the micro-fine, gold plated needles is applied to the area of the skin to be treated. The gold-plated needles are then inserted into the skin in a very precise depth. Automatically, the radio frequency energy is activated for a millisecond until the impedance of the skin rises, indicating the appropriate amount of injury is delivered.


As your skin works to heal the injuries induced by the RF Microneedling, you will start to see tightening of the skin and smoother lines. While you will start to see results within 2-3 weeks, your skin will continue to restore itself over several weeks.

Post Procedure

Immediately post procedure, your skin will be inflamed and swollen. This is the reaction we want! This tells you your skin is ready to start the healing process. As part of RF Microneedling in New Braunfels, we apply soothing, post-procedure products that aid in healing and provide the skin with protective moisturizers. PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) can also be used to enhance the outcome.  It is highly recommended to sleep sitting slightly elevated to help reduce swelling.

You will want to avoid wearing any makeup for 48 hours to allow the skin to breathe and heal. Avoid the sun.  As part of your treatment and recovery, we will send you home with your PRP or medical-grade skincare products to cleanse, moisturize, and protect your skin. Your skin will likely be inflamed, like a mild sunburn, for two or three days. This is an expected response.

Because You’re Worth It

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