Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

Amplify the Effects of Your Treatment

PRP in New Braunfels, Texas

A small amount of blood is drawn and spun down in our centrifuge to separate the elements. The Plasma portion is rich in platelets and other factors that encourage healing and rejuvenation. We use PRP in conjunction with other procedures to enhance the effects.

What it Treats

PRP can be used after a Genius treatment-commonly called a Vampire Facelift. The Microneedling provides quick access for the healing factors of the PRP to penetrate deep into the dermis and jump-start the natural healing and rejuvenation process.

It can be used after our laser skin procedures as a serum.

We inject it into the scalp to promote hair growth.

Procedure Time

Your blood can be drawn during the anesthetizing time of your procedure.  It takes about 25 minutes total to draw and spin down the blood to obtain the PRP serum.

Recovery Time & Side Effects

There is virtually no recovery time for this part of the procedure.  Some people have anxiety about needles, a vagal reaction can occur which is dramatic but harmless, and irritation, bruising, pain or bleeding infrequently occurs.

Restore Lost Collagen

PRP can be added to many of our rejuvenation treatments to enhance the delivery of your own growth factors and reduce inflammation to make your skin more youthful.

Hair Restoration

Some in the medical community think that PRP injections trigger natural hair growth by increasing the blood supply to the hair follicle and increasing the thickness of the hair shaft. A study published in the Journal Stem Cells Translational Medicine in 2015 found that men who received PRP treatment grew more hair and with significantly more density than men who did not. However, the study was small-only 20 subjects. There has not been enough research to prove if PRP is an effective hair loss treatment.

PRP Treatment Process

Step 1

Small Sample

A small blood sample is first drawn from you and put into a cenrifuge that spins the tube of blood at a very high rate of speed. This process separates the platelets from the other blood components. This serum, or PRP can then be injected or applied topically in the area of treatment.

Step 2

Multiple Applications

It may be helpful to have several applications and we can send some home with you to use as you would any post-procedure product. The feeling of the plasma has been described as similar to putting egg whites on your face.

Step 3

PRP Injection

After drawing and processing your blood, the PRP portion is then injected into areas of your scalp that need increased hair growth. Typically, you will need 4-6 treatments spaced about a month apart for the best results. Boosters once every six months can help maintain hair growth.

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