The FDA has approved Coolsculpting for use on the Back, Bra Bulge and Under-Buttock Area.

It’s time for shorts and bathing suits, but if you’re embarrassed by spider veins, you may decide you’d rather spend the summer in long pants.

It’s estimated that nearly 60% of adults have spider veins, with most occurring on the legs and face. And women are more susceptible to them than men. Spider veins are a common problem for people with jobs that require them to stand for long periods of time. Aging, obesity, and pregnancy may contribute to the formation of unsightly veins as well.

Exercise can help ward off spider veins; especially exercises that tone your leg muscles and help improve circulation in your legs.

If your spider veins are causing discomfort or embarrassment, sclerotherapy can effectively eliminate them. This in-office procedure takes just a few minutes and within three to five weeks you’ll be back in those comfy shorts again!