Laser Acne Treatment

Reduces the Active Acne

An Effective Acne Treatment

Laser Acne Treatment in New Braunfels, Texas

Hill Country Med Spa’s laser Acne treatment utilizes our Spectra Laser

How Laser Acne Treatments Work

Lasers produce intense monochromatic light, or light that is limited to a very narrow band of wavelengths.  This is similar to using one color of the rainbow and magnifying it. This laser light can have a very intense effect on certain tissues that absorb that band of light and it has little or no effect on other tissues.  Lasers can take advantage of this effect to target specific structures or “chromophores” for destruction.  It can also be very precise in the depth of penetration of the laser light.

Procedure Time

Laser acne treatment takes about 15 to 30 minutes.

Typically, repeated treatments are necessary to get the acne under control and then occasional touch-ups are beneficial.

Recovery Time & Side Effects

Minimal recovery and very little down time can be expected. Many patients experience slight redness immediately after their procedure, which typically resolves within 24 hours.

The Treatment

Step 1


During your treatment, the skin is cleansed of all make-up, oils, and dirt. A  serum with carbon is rubbed on the skin prior to the laser treatment. Our innovative skin melanin reader will be used ensure the proper energy levels are used and significantly reduces the likelihood of injury to the skin.

Step 2

Deliver the Laser Light

Once treatment begins, a pulse of light is delivered to the skin. This pulse is often described by patients to feel like a snapping rubber band. The pulses of light and energy targets  the carbon, heating the surface of the skin to kill the bacteria that cause acne.

Step 3

Facial Cleanse

Your face is then gently cleansed and healing serums or creams can be used to further enhance the beneficial treatment.

After Care

  • Use of a good acne cream on a daily basis
  • Combine with alternating Hydrafacials can help to remove the blackheads and pimples


Results are lasting. Maintenance treatments are highly recommended due to the nature of Acne. Aggressive treatment of Active Acne can prevent lifelong Acne Scarring.  You can help protect your results by wearing sunscreen and practicing good skin care regimens.  Our Skin care products are a good way to protect your investment in yourself.  Ask our skin care experts which product is best for you.

Because You’re Worth It

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